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Beauty hazards of ultrasonic knife?

Although ultrasound beauty and skin care knife can improve many shortcomings of the face, it is not recommended that you use super health knife to carry out beauty and skin care. Ultrasound beauty skincare knife has certain side effects on people’s feelings, endangering the surface somatic cells of the skin. In serious cases, it will continue to cause skin allergy on the face. Therefore, if you want to have malleable skin, you’d better cultivate a good lifestyle and apply some pure green plant skin care products.

At this stage, the ultrasonic equipment in China is uneven, and there are many well-known brands. Many Chaosheng knives do not have ultrasonic technology. Only the modification of optical machine equipment or laser cutting equipment can stimulate the somatic cells of subcutaneous tissue and arouse the regeneration of new cells, but the whole process of surgery does great damage to skin cells. It is still necessary to supplement somatic cell-derived nutrients to the human body to maintain the texture effect of the epidermal layer, quickly repair the moisturizing and hydrating layer and the natural mineral water molecular structure of the subcutaneous tissue damaged during the treatment of high-temperature surgery, and reserve new cell growth nutrients and repair nutrients for the human body.

The actual operation regulations of super life knife surgery are very high. The key efficacy of super life knife is below the outer skin and dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue above the human fat and muscle layer. According to the high temperature of 65-75 degrees to the subcutaneous tissue, the focus is evenly burned and destroyed. Too deep will damage the muscle and body fat layer, and more facial contraction and collapse are caused by the damage to the body fat and muscle layer. After the actual operation of shallow superknife, the dermis and surface will be seriously damaged immediately. The most frequent postoperative manifestations are dry skin, peeling, starting point, scar, and will continue to cause long-term allergic dermatitis.

  1. In addition to the repair and lack of nutrients, there are two elements that deserve our attention:

When the ambient temperature rises to 3840t, there is a sense of damp heat, which is equal to the heat application on acupuncture and physiotherapy. This kind of thermal reaction level is not easy to cause thermal damage to the skin no matter how long it is directly exposed.

  1. Heat induced erythema when the tissue temperature rises to 43441, it can dilate capillaries. All normal skin can have erythema within a few seconds, and a small amount of inflammatory exudate can appear after a few minutes. If the temperature recovers from this point, the erythema can dissipate automatically, which is not easy to cause irreversible damage.
  2. When the temperature of small blister skin caused by heat rises to 4748 ^ within a few seconds, the existing inflammatory exudate is stored in the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in the separation of the outer skin and dermis into blisters.
  3. Thermal coagulation when the tissue temperature reaches 60 / L OCTC, it can cause thermal coagulation and necrosis of somatic cells at this point within about 10 s. In clinical medicine, it can be used to treat hemangioma.
  4. Thermally induced gasification can make the tissue liquid boil when the tissue temperature rises slightly beyond. If the power of the laser is sufficient and high, a lot of water vapor will break the somatic cells and tissues and escape, thus a wisp of milky white smoke can be seen.
  5. Thermally induced carbonization when the temperature reaches 300400 Zhang, the tissue and somatic cells immediately produce dry necrosis, which quickly turns black brown and thermally induced carbonization occurs

People who have done ultrasonic knife beauty should understand that the temperature of super life knife can be between 38 and 40 degrees. Poor actual operation is very easy to cause skin swelling. For patients with dry skin, carrying out super life knife surgery will continue to make the skin more and more dry and irritable.

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