Can photon rejuvenation have disfigurement risk? How does photon tender skin fail to remedy?

Photon rejuvenation is a very good cosmetic effect, but if it is improperly operated or for other reasons, it may lead to disfigurement, so it is necessary to choose a regular hospital for photon rejuvenation.

Can photon tender skin bring about disfigurement undeserved?

Photon rejuvenation can penetrate the skin and also treat some lesions in the deep layer of the skin, so that the collagen fiber and elastic fiber of the dermis can be rearranged, and the skin can be repaired to a perfect state, which is a kind of micro plastic surgery. After half an hour of time, can put the whole face shot again, can narrow pores, let the skin become more tight, light spot, remove red blood. Doctors tune the laser to a different wavelength, which can be used to target different skin problems. Light wave therapy is a kind of destructive treatment, which can not be used for a long time or a large area of the skin. It can not be used for red, swollen, acne and sensitive skin, because the dermis irradiation in the laser process may aggravate or stimulate the skin. Once it is beyond the safe range, it will lead to skin burns.

How does photon tender skin fail to remedy?

  1. Burns to the face

Some inexperienced doctors may not be able to grasp the wavelength of the process or keep flashing the light in the same position. As a result, the light used is too strong, which leads to the burning of the face, the continuous redness of the face, and even the blisters on the local skin. If there is no blister, it can be restored in a week. If there is blister, it must be treated with the burn medicine applied by the doctor.

2, photon tender skin has no effect

Part of the love of beauty is have no patience, hope to do after a photon tender skin can improve skin problems, actually laser class course usually need five times before he can see the effect, or around to do once every three weeks, the third time can see obvious different, because the skin tissue smashed by laser, the immune cells need to rely on their own, The body of garbage out of the body, this process must let the body of qi and blood smooth, strong immune system can mobilize, but everyone’s qi and blood condition is not the same. In the process of photon skin rejuvenation, if the energy energy used by the doctor is not enough, it is not enough to destroy the tissue of the skin, so as to allow its regeneration and repair, the skin after the laser does not redness and no scab, this situation can be consulted by the doctor, a week later to do again.

Warm prompt

After laser surgery can let most of the epidermis layer moisture loss, it is easy to make the skin appear desquamation or skin, can choose according to their own skin care product, as far as possible to choose moisturizing composition is fairly good, when to appear on the skin crusting can fall off a week or so, but you must keep the wound dry and clean, in order to guarantee the effect of photon tender skin, Before receiving laser two weeks should cooperate with the doctor oral vitamin C or vitamin E to promote the metabolism of the skin.