Can photon tender skin have side effect?

Photon rejuvenation, a medical beauty technique that makes skin smooth, has been gaining popularity among beauty seekers in recent years. Many people will be very concerned about: what is the side effect of photon tender skin?

Photon skin rejuvenation technology is a non-stripping physical therapy with a high degree of direction, high density and consistency. Photon skin rejuvenation can be concentrated in a very small area of treatment, so its role is accurate and will not cause damage to the surrounding tissues and skin accessory organs. At the same time, the non-interventional treatment method of photon skin rejuvenation ADAPTS to different skin states, is safe and effective, and will not cause damage to the skin.

  1. Biological stimulation

There are two main principles of photon skin rejuvenation and acne removal, biological stimulation and photopyrolysis. Biological stimulation is a photochemical reaction produced by intense pulsed light on the skin, mainly causing chemical changes in the internal molecular structure of collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis to restore elasticity. Additional, the photothermal action that intense pulse light produces, can enhance vascular function, improve circulation, narrow pore, eliminate shallow surface wrinkle.

  1. Principle of photopyrolysis

Acne imprint part of the pigment precipitation so that the temperature is higher than the surrounding skin after the absorption of light, the use of their temperature difference to break down the pigment, eliminate the pigment precipitation, and will not damage the normal tissue. Acne marks eliminate pigmentation has a good effect.


  1. Photosensitive and recently used photosensitive drugs and pregnant women can not do photon skin rejuvenation; Secondly, photon skin can not treat chloasma, is likely to be worse treatment; At the same time, the treatment of photon skin rejuvenation has two sides. Photon is not only a good method of treatment, but also has the risk of causing changes. Due to the individual difference of the person additionally, a few people do photon tender skin may appear pigmentation spot, acne and blisters.
  2. In particular, some “often change chang xin” the small shop, not only to meet the relevant evaluation standard of medical treatment, equipment, less professional medical practitioners, so “the photon tender skin” it is definitely not a project they can as you do, “walk”, consumer is in when the choice must be rational, view related qualification certification, ask related contraindications.
  3. Photon skin rejuvenation equipment is a medical device, and this technology is also a medical technology, with its indications and contraindications, and the treatment process also has certain risks; Therefore, in order to avoid risks and prevent “beauty does not become disfigurement”, traditional Chinese medicine cosmeceuticals with high safety should be selected as far as possible to protect skin from the inside out and restore white and tender appearance.