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Collapse of the back part of ultrasonic knife beauty?

Chaosheng knife is a popular method of beauty and skin care. It is not only often used in hospital clinics to treat patients, but now almost every beauty shop has Chaosheng knife for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Chaosheng knife can heat the inner layer of the skin through the skin according to the ultrasonic method, so as to rearrange the skin cells, so as to improve its own face. Chaosheng knife is widely used in the industry of improving facial wrinkles and removing facial scars.

The ultrasound of ultrasonic knife beauty not only goes deep into the skin, but also warms the tissue in the skin. This kind of energy is immediately transmitted to the connective tissue according to ultrasound, which makes the facial muscles rank. This causes the tissue to collapse, which raises and tightens the loose skin without easy laser cutting or destroying the surface of the skin. However, there may be some side effects, which may occur after Chaosheng knife. This includes: slight nerve injury, bruise and tenderness, swelling, redness, numbness, collapse of mass directly under the skin, etc. What is the solution to this problem after Chaosheng knife.

Ultrasonic scalpel cosmetology uses the basic principle of ultrasonic energy gathering, the thermal convection method of beta ray through dot matrix laser, through the epidermis – into the dermis – transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue – balanced burning of somatic cells. According to the destruction of somatic cells, the body itself starts to repair the damage in somatic cells.

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is that after the somatic cells are burned, the first natural barrier for the super life knife to penetrate into the skin at a high temperature of 75 degrees is the thin cuticle of the skin. The damage of the thin cuticle will destroy the moisturizing and hydrating layer of the subcutaneous tissue. A 60 minute high-temperature operation can not prevent a lot of volatilization of the water in the subcutaneous tissue, Our human body will undergo three months of neosomatic cell growth and six months of neosomatic cell survival stability. Three difficulties that must be encountered after Chaosheng knife:

  1. All the moisturizing and hydrating factors flowing out in the whole process: specific hyaluronic acid layer reconstruction and high-temperature volatilization and how to restore the moisture of subcutaneous tissue?
  2. Can the damaged somatic cells burned during the operation be repaired one by one? (because the damaged somatic cells cannot be repaired within a certain period of time, apoptosis may occur, which is one of the reasons why we can see the collapse of the face after superknife everywhere)
  3. Is the human body standard able to protect camphor’s new fibrous cells and collagen structure from genetic variation and proliferation?

Ultrasonic scalpel beauty is a physical method of beauty and skin care. In the whole process, the high temperature of 75 degrees first breaks the surface of the skin, followed by dermis, subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous tissue of superficial tendons of s-ms), muscle (it is not easy to reach the muscle when the ultrasonic scalpel is properly used). The muscle fascia is not repaired immediately after the ultrasonic scalpel, It will lose the ability to support the skin again, which may affect the actual beauty effect of ultrasonic knife and its side effects. In addition, thermal damage will also occur to dermal somatic cells and epidermal cells under energy.

When the somatic cells in each layer are damaged, the body’s repair system will start. Many metabolic nutrients gather at the wound to speed up the wound repair. They lack repair nutrients, and the somatic cells in each layer are not easy to rebuild and repair. The backbone of this repair nutrients is acme-tea cells, food cell growth factor Repair factors uitika and marine sweet, vltacran and ousselct.


Ultrasonic knife beauty is a physical method of beauty and skin care. In the whole process of surgery, 75 ° C high temperature will first destroy the skin surface. When our somatic cells are damaged, the repair intelligence of the body will start. After 26 years of age, the body needs to balance the supply and demand of collagen and necrotic cells. After the body’s three layers of collagen and necrotic cells are integrated into the body, it is necessary to balance the supply and demand of cells. If it is seriously deficient in vitamin A, there will be unsuccessful skin cell regeneration, permanent damage, unbalanced and uneven skin nutrients, permanent collapse of subcutaneous tissue nerves and skin, dark skin color, muscle stiffness and other poor conditions.

Only do a good job in the maintenance of somatic muscle base can be regarded as the beginning of beauty and skin care. We can’t blindly follow the trend to seek beauty and damage somatic cells. After Chaosheng knife operation Cell food can transform subcutaneous tissue into maintenance muscle base, and activate the function of body repair cells after supergene knife frequency radio stimulation of pregnant body cells. Acme-tea cell food contains more than a dozen multifunctional repair factors, which can not only maintain the skin, but also lend sufficient nutrients to skin reconstituted fiber cells, In addition, it can arouse other damaged somatic cells and aging somatic cells of the body to upgrade and repair. After internal and external knot and interaction of nutritional components of supporting facilities, Chaosheng knife can double and increase the actual effect of beauty and skin care of Chaosheng knife, so as to prevent the side effects of Chaosheng knife. The epidermis is the reserve layer of hyaluronic acid. Cellular food can prevent the unsuccessful transformation of new somatic cells due to the lack of cell regeneration nutrients, resulting in face collapse and somatic cell shrinkage. It improves the safety and practical effect of the following practical operations of Chaosheng knife.

If the super knife operation is not successful, the collagen powder cells of our face will decrease rapidly, and the facial skin will become more and more yellow. Therefore, before carrying out superknife surgery, we must select reliable medical beauty salons and skilled plastic and cosmetic staff to operate on ourselves.

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