How about the effect of private ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasonic knife beauty is a technology that can change thousands of women into beautiful women, promote the reconstruction of collagen powder at the bottom of the skin, and make their skin more and more smooth and delicate. Therefore, this technology is available in every large beauty salon. The development of natural beauty equipment is indispensable, and the development of science and technology can only have scientific and technological progress, Women can only be long-distance, the corrosion of time is still beautiful and young.

The private ultrasonic knife uses the characteristics of high energy focus of ultrasound to accurately focus the kinetic energy at the required depth. The high focus kinetic energy wave causes the female pudendal tissue at the focus point to cause the reflection of protein condensation, and takes the condensation point as the management center to cause anti tension around. In addition, with the condensation point as the management center, the radial collagen powder has just begun to regenerate, so as to improve the ductility of the medical position in both directions.

The actual effect of private ultrasonic knife is the above effect. The actual effect is very good.

The face lifting and wrinkle removal of Chaosheng knife can achieve the effect once. After one treatment, the skin will have a compact and improved practical effect. In the next 6 months, the tissue will naturally add new collagen protein, which can obtain the practical effect of continuous improvement. Generally speaking, it can be maintained for 2-3 years after treatment with Chaosheng knife.

The super life knife itself has experienced energy utility, which can make the collagen powder in the dermis close and stimulate the reconstruction of the body collagen powder. Therefore, the actual effect of the super life knife has little to do with the supplement of collagen powder. The actual effect of Chaosheng knife and the side effects of Chaosheng knife are related to the normal reconstruction of muscle fascia, subcutaneous tissue, dermal somatic cells and epidermal cells, but the amount is not controllable and shrinkage. cc

Chaosheng knife first breaks the hyaluronic acid moisturizing and hydrating layer of the tissue under the skin, volatilizing a lot of water. The outflow and repair of hyaluronic acid do not convert the food materials into substances at ordinary times, so the body is not newly rebuilt. The cellular food moisturizing and hydrating factors maintain the damage of high temperature and high-frequency vibration to the cells and tissues in the epidermis, It can be transformed into moisturizing and hydrating factors and specific hyaluronic acid repair factors to avoid the shrinkage and damage of subcutaneous tissue due to the lack of moisturizing and hydrating layer and the lack of water in subcutaneous tissue somatic skin.

In the whole process, the 75 degree high temperature first breaks the surface of the skin, followed by the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous tissue of superficial tendons of s-ms), muscle (it is not easy to reach the muscle when the knife is properly used). If the muscle fascia is not repaired immediately after the knife, it will lose the ability to support the skin again, Then it may affect the actual beauty effect of ultrasonic knife and its side effects. In addition, thermal damage will also occur to dermal somatic cells and epidermal cells under energy.

Becoming beautiful is an eternal task. As a woman, she can only treat herself well, protect her skin and maintain her body shape. In that way, she can escape the damage of time and still be as beautiful as when she was young. Only by being kind to yourself can people around you appreciate themselves.

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