How does photon tender skin fail to remedy?

Photon tender skin is a kind of plastic, so how does photon tender skin failure? How should photon tender skin fail to save? Here’s a look.

Case one: facial burns

Some inexperienced doctors may not be able to grasp the length of the light wave, or are eager to get quick results in the same location repeatedly flashing light, the result is too strong light penetration of the face, persistent redness, or even local skin blisters. If there is no blister, it can be restored in about a week, and blister type should be combined with the application of medical burn drugs to assist treatment.

Case two: tender skin ineffective

A lot of people are eager to see after a photon tender skin to improve skin problems, but the laser class course about five times, to do every three to four weeks time, to the third time to see the obvious effect, it is because the skin tissue smashed by laser, the immune cells to rely on their own will waste away, and it is a process to blood flow in the body, Immune system health can easily be mobilized on the basis of establishment, but each person’s qi and blood status varies.

Still have a kind of possibility is the illuminant energy that the doctor uses is insufficient, not enough destroy skin organization, let its repair regenerate, the skin after laser does not appear flushed, scab, such circumstance can consult a doctor, redo after another week.