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How to identify true and false knives by ultrasound?

It is believed that some beauty loving women will not be unfamiliar with the hot “anti-aging artifact” – ultrasonic knife beauty. However, behind the popularity, the news of ultrasonic knife appears frequently, and even some people are disfigured because they are deceived by fake ultrasonic knife. So as consumers, how should we identify true and false ultrasonic scalpels?

  1. Judging from the organization

Ultrasonic scalpel instruments are expensive and generally only appear in large formal plastic surgery institutions. Beauty salons or some informal plastic surgery institutions claim to have ultrasonic scalpels. It can be said that more than 98% of them belong to Shanzhai machines.

  1. Judging from the price

The ultrasonic scalpel beauty instrument is expensive, while the operation itself has certain consumables, and the instrument has a certain limit on the number of excitation, so the price set by the ultrasonic scalpel beauty is relatively high, and the price difference in different medical institutions will not be too obvious.

If the price given by some institutions is particularly low, those seeking beauty should be vigilant.

  1. Judging from the effect

Generally, the treatment effect of genuine ultrasonic scalpel appears immediately after treatment. After treatment, the skin is slightly red, and there are obvious symptoms of relaxation and tightening of the skin. There is no need for recovery period. One treatment can generally maintain the effect for about 1 year. The skin redness and swelling after treatment with Shanzhai ultrasonic scalpel are serious, even bleeding and scarring, which requires a certain recovery period. After complete recovery, the effect of tightening, lifting, relaxation and sagging is not obvious, even more serious than that before treatment.

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