Photon tender skin and color light tender skin have what difference

Photon tender skin tender skin both in principle and the colourful, are using multiple pulse design patent of one or more specific wavelength of light, and the selective thermolysis effect of the application of intense pulsed light and light stimulation effect, remove all kinds of defects, at the same time stimulate collagen hyperplasia, improve its texture and elasticity, restore skin youthful luster.

Specifically, the treatment principle of photon skin rejuvenation is: the application of specific intense pulsed light energy can pass through the skin, and the effect of different wavelengths of intense pulsed light on tissues is selective, thus producing different characteristics of photobiochemical and photopyrolysis reactions. Short-wave light selectively acts on subcutaneous small blood vessels, chromatophores or pigment cells, heating them up higher than normal skin tissue, using their temperature difference to seal blood vessels, break and decompose chromatophores and pigment cells, and achieve the effect of removing red blood filament and pigment spots. Long wavelength light stimulates collagen fiber and elastic fiber, causing the molecular structure of collagen fiber and elastic fiber of dermis to produce chemical changes, rearrangement, thickening collagen tissue, enhancing skin elasticity, improving skin texture, restoring white, delicate and elastic effect.

Moreover, photon skin rejuvenation technology is a non-stripping physical therapy with a high degree of direction, high density and consistency. Photon skin rejuvenation can be concentrated in a very small part of the treatment, so its role is accurate, and will not cause damage to the surrounding tissues and skin accessory organs. At the same time, the non-interventional treatment method of photon skin rejuvenation ADAPTS to different skin states, is safe and effective, and will not cause damage to the skin.

And the treatment principle of color light tender skin: First, without destroying the premise of normal tissue, the expansion of blood vessels, pigment, pigment cell damage, such as decomposition, to treat the capillaries expansion, the effect of pigment spots, secondly, intense pulsed light ACTS on the skin effect and heat and light chemistry, make deep collagen fiber and elastic fiber rearrange, regeneration, and restore elasticity, Make facial skin wrinkle eliminate or reduce, pore shrink, play the role of making skin younger. Achieve skin treatment, repair, tender skin, beauty effect.

These “photon” based skin rejuvenation methods are safe and non-invasive, making the treatment safer and more effective, allowing the overall improvement of facial skin. At the same time, this treatment does not need to take a vacation, there is no side effect after treatment, especially suitable for white-collar women