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Photon tender skin did not pay attention to 3 is equal to white do must pay attention to!

In summer is the best time to do photon skin, can narrow the pores of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and tender skin. Photon rejuvenation is favored by beauty lovers, it is quick, multi-effective and pain-free.

Photon tender skin did not pay attention to 3 is equal to white do, must pay attention to!

  1. Not replenishing water in time

Photon rejuvenation uses specific light rays to penetrate directly into the skin’s deeper layers, altering the structure of elastic and collagen fibers. Mainly using the principle of photopyrolysis, let high temperature directly act on the surrounding skin, so that the pigment cracking and decomposition, and finally achieve the effect of acne marks and freckle removal.

When doing photon rejuvenation, the skin is stimulated by high temperature, which speeds up metabolism, increases local temperature, weakens the protective function of sebum membrane, and is prone to dry skin and water shortage. After finishing the photon tender skin should add enough moisture to calm the skin, try to choose professional application repair mask, apply once a day, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits containing more moisture to lock the skin moisture.

2, do not do a good job of sunscreen

After finishing the photon skin rejuvenation, the cuticle and sebum film will be hurt to a certain extent, weakening the ability of skin self-defense, if there is no scientific sunscreen will increase the uv damage to the skin, so that a large number of melanin precipitation. Avoid not going out during periods of intense ultraviolet light. Apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, and reapply sunscreen after two hours of outdoor activities. Try to wear masks or sun hats to prevent sunscreen.

  1. Not following the doctor’s instructions

In the first time to do photon skin will not have an obvious effect, some people will not continue treatment. Do photon skin only need 20 minutes, there will be a slight burning pain treatment without recovery period, belongs to the mild treatment, so it takes many times to see the obvious effect of treatment. For those who are not very serious and have superficial stains, two treatments can have ideal results. There are many spots on the face and deep spots need to be treated many times. It takes about five treatments to remove spots and stimulate collagen production. However, the interval between photon rejuvenation should be at least two months.

Warm prompt

After finishing photon skin rejuvenation, we should do a good job of hydrating, reduce the number of times we go out, and if we have to go out, we should do a good job of sunscreen. Usually eat more food rich in collagen vitamin C and vitamin E to prevent the precipitation of melanin, avoid making facial expressions too rich, maintain a balanced diet, avoid eating spicy food during the period.