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Photon tender skin effect is sought after in both hands from where does magical effect come?

Photon tender skin effect after all how, can let a person reproduce the appearance of youth, health? Can photon tender skin make the skin thinning?

At present, a lot of institutions opened “photon tender skin” this one hairdressing project. Many people who seek beauty face “no trauma, non stripping off” photon tender skin technique, heartbeat unceasingly. So how is photon tender skin effect after all, whether can let a person reproduce the appearance of youth, health? Can photon tender skin make the skin thinning?

Photon rejuvenation is not restricted by season

The so-called photon skin rejuvenation, in fact, is the use of commonly known as “photon” intense pulse light to improve skin spots, flushing problems, and improve skin gloss and texture.

Photon skin rejuvenation is to use intense pulse light to penetrate deep skin, selectively act on pigment and blood vessels in skin, decompose color spots and close abnormal capillaries without damaging normal skin, so as to achieve the effect of treating color spots and telangiectasia. At the same time, the energy of intense pulsed light can also stimulate the hyperplasia of subcutaneous collagen, so that the original collagen tissue can be restructured, so as to shrink pores and restore skin luster and elasticity.

Currently, photon rejuvenation is mostly used to treat skin defects and “skin photoaging” caused by aging and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

“The whole process of tonifying skin is quick and easy, with only mild pain. There is no seasonal limit to treatment if sunscreen is done well.” Photon rejuvenation takes only 20 minutes at a time and does not require a vacation after treatment, so it is vividly called “lunch beauty”.

However, warn broad o beauty, though, after the completion of the photon tender skin treatment does not affect the normal life and work, but on a hot summer, after I finish the photon tender skin must be prepared to sufficient prevent bask in, so you can get beautiful white tender skin effect, if the photon tender skin and make the skin after sun exposure, through beautiful white tender skin effect will be disqualified.

Although photonic technology can be used for cosmetic purposes, it also has strict indications. “Tanned skin is not suitable for photon rejuvenation.” Huang Luping points out that this is because, when the photon skin treatment, strong pulse light hit the facial skin, if the skin color is newly tanned, its ability to absorb light will be greatly enhanced, just like people in summer wearing dark clothes feel particularly hot, the skin is easily burned.

The medical cosmetology specialized subject of normal hospital is by no means “come not rejected”, the patient that the skin has inflammation, cut and pregnant woman do photon tender skin inappropriately. In addition, it is not suitable for patients with photosensitivity, immune system defects, scar constitution, and recent use of photosensitivity drugs.

Photon tender skin should choose regular mechanism

Photon rejuvenation is not for everyone, nor is it a panacea for rejuvenating. It must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. “Generally darker skin, pigment patches of people do photon skin should be more cautious, treatment intensity should not be too large, treatment times should not be too much, treatment should not be too frequent.” Huang Luping explained that, because this kind of person once the treatment intensity exceeds the safe range, it will lead to skin burns, persistent pigmentation and so on.

Serve as professional medical hairdressing expert, Huang Luping bluntly, at present photon tender skin besides hospital and plastic hairdressing clinic, beauty parlour of each size is doing, these orgnization good and bad are uneven, some beautician do not have qualification of practicing medicine at all. Huang Luping pointed out that the most common damage to the skin caused by improper operation of photon skin rejuvenation technology is burns of different degrees. After burns, the patient’s skin will be red and swollen, painful, and even blister seriously. If these conditions are not handled in a timely and inappropriate way, they may leave permanent scars. “Accordingly, when doing photon tender skin must choose regular orgnaization.”

Photon rejuvenation does not thin the skin

Many people worry about thinning their skin after photon rejuvenation. To this, Huang Luping affirmatively answered: “After photon skin treatment, the skin will not become thin.”

Photon rejuvenation is not simply to peel off the skin cuticle, but to regenerate and reshape the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the dermis through biological stimulation, so as to make the skin texture delicate and elastic recovery. “Not only does the skin not thin, but it thickens the dermis.”

Photon rejuvenation treatment will have mild discomfort, a feeling of heat or rubber band bouncing, after treatment, facial redness, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. After treatment, the color of the original pigment spots will mostly deepen, and then there will be micro scabs, which do not need to avoid water and generally disappear completely within a week. Most people begin to improve their skin after the first treatment, generally 2-5 times of treatment, each treatment interval of 3-6 weeks, “during the treatment should pay attention to appropriate sunscreen, summer sunscreen index should be SPF 30-40, PA value >++.” Huang Luping reminds way.

The maintenance secret after photon tender skin

It is worth noting that the essence of photon rejuvenation is symptomatic treatment, not once and for all, not to rejuvenate people.

“After photon rejuvenation, beauty seekers go through an awkward transition.” Huang Luping says, the color of spot blackens obviously or the expression is tiny scab, must not be nervous at this moment, can disappear completely after a week, the skin can feel a little bit slant dry, can use filling water face film, strengthen protect wet. In addition, go out as little as possible to prevent long-term exposure to strong ultraviolet rays. If you go out, be sure to protect yourself from the sun.

After photon tender skin unfavorable use has the cosmetic that peel off sexual function, if ground arenaceous cutin, ferment cutin, use as far as possible gentle reach protect wet effect better cosmetic. Additional, after photon tender skin treats a few months, a lot of people can discover, return meeting so “relapse”. That’s because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. Must bask in so all the year round, and pay attention to beautiful white, otherwise mai Lanning pigment still can be induced, of course black spot can come again.