Photon tender skin makes skin rebirth must know 2 big questions

Photon skin rejuvenation is a kind of skin rejuvenation technology often used, but also a good effect. However, you who seek beauty in the choice of photon tender skin, must understand the two questions about photon tender skin solution, otherwise, blindly follow the trend to choose photon tender skin, it is not.

Can photon tender skin be done literally which plastic surgeon?

Photon rejuvenation must have professional doctors and equipment. Professional doctors set the photon energy and treatment parameters according to the nature of each person’s skin and different parts of the face, and adjust them every time to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective. In addition, the equipment used is of low quality, which can easily cause skin burns or scarring.

Is there a risk to photon rejuvenation?

After photon rejuvenation, there may be a slight heat sensation, which generally lasts for half an hour to 2 hours, and a slight redness, which may last for 12 hours. Different degrees of pigmentation may occur after photon skin rejuvenation treatment, and whitening drugs such as vitamin C can be taken as advised by the doctor. Appear burn situation, performance is temporary purpura, blister and so on. In addition, hypopigmentation, or depigmentation, can occur in people with darker skin or sun exposure.

Warm warning: Photon toning is not for everyone

Photon skin rejuvenation has a good effect on removing pigment spots and telangiectasis, but it is not suitable for all people. Photosensitivity test and dermatologic diagnosis must be carried out before photon skin rejuvenation, and then carried out under the guidance of doctors.

Photon rejuvenation is not suitable for people with local and systemic inflammation, immune system defects, scar constitution, recent use of photoallergens, photoallergens, pregnant women, abnormal blood coagulation, and those who are using aspirin or antioxidants.

In addition, darker skin, easy pigmentation of the people advised not to choose photon rejuvenation. Because this kind of people must increase the degree of stimulation, increase the intensity of irradiation to achieve the effect, once beyond the safe range, it will be easier to stimulate the generation of pigment, so that the skin is burned, etc. Additional, a few skin problems such as freckle, concern with heredity and gene, even if solved at that time, but easy recrudescence.