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Skin looser after ultrasonic knife?

The new project of Chaosheng knife is divided into three links: before operation, during operation and after operation. Before the operation, the new muscle drink nanotechnology collagen powder special for Chaosheng knife needs to be matched 30-60 days in advance before the operation. This time range is the most basic time. The hospital outpatient service in Japan suggests that the longer the better. Because not all people’s muscle bottom fluid is of high quality, many people’s muscle bottom fluid is very poor, so as to ensure the actual effect after the operation, Recuperation before operation is indispensable. During the operation, it is stipulated that it is the reliable professional ability of the hospital outpatient service. After all, no one wants to have side effects. There are also the skills of doctors, who can also decide the actual effect of surgical treatment after operation. After the operation, the Japanese front-line organization suggested that we should persevere in the intake of nano technology collagen powder of xinjiyin every day from the beginning of the operation to 90 days of the operation, avoid the long-term side effects and maintain the actual effect after the superknife operation. I don’t need to talk about the necessity of repair after the operation, You can find out the necessity by checking the news of death such as the accelerated recession five years later.

Before operation: according to the nano technology collagen powder, carry out the necessary regulation of muscle bottom fluid, revitalize the muscle bottom fluid, and make full preparations for surgical treatment. In the early stage, the nanotechnology small molecule active peptide in xinjiyin nanotechnology collagen powder can supplement the storage of collagen powder in subcutaneous tissue in a short time after ingestion by the body, and build a continuous flow of collagen kinetic energy layer. According to the supplement of collagen powder, the first step is to strengthen the fibrous cell network, tighten fish collagen, or active recuperation.

After the operation: the damage of Chaosheng knife has just started, and the body has entered its own repair link. Continuous and high-quality nutrient intake is the basic to ensure the conversion of starting kinetic energy. Japanese beauty seekers improve the intake of xinjiyin nano technology collagen on the day after the operation. According to the ingested nutrient elements, it can accelerate the upgrading of micro damage of subcutaneous tissue and accelerate the scab and coagulation of wound, And it falls down automatically. Internally, the broken fiber cells of muscle bottom fluid need high-quality collagen supplement. Nanotechnology collagen is the highest quality nutritional supplement in the world. The nutritional components of muscle bottom fluid repair recognized by China, Japan, Japan, the Philippines and European countries are relatively expensive and have less production, This kind of nanotechnology collagen generally uses red snapper on the sea floor as the basic raw material. The reason depends on that the hydroxyproline contained in red snapper is five times as much as that of silver cod fed by artificial service (the data information comes from the Korean Institute of diagnosis and treatment). In 2017, the Korean Institute of diagnosis and treatment, a more authoritative designated medical institution, released a set of data and information. After many years of long-term visit, investigation and detection of S-class plain people, 2661 people in the 1503 experimental group of S-class plain people accepted the test of the new project of Chaosheng knife, which was actually obtained based on the general collagen of oral silica collagen powder and other categories, The satisfactory completion rate of post-operative repair of 2661 people was 98%, and the actual effect of Chaosheng knife remained satisfactory at 83.01% five years later. However, in the oral general collagen group, the satisfactory completion rate of post-operative repair was 62.04%, which only passed the score line, which also means that more than 1000 people maintained a very high dissatisfaction and even resistance to oral general collagen protein repair. After five years of interview and investigation, Most people show that after five years, the actual effect is basically that they don’t have all the ability to keep working. Generally, they repair the skin condition before super life knife after one year. For this problem, the Korean Skin Research Institute of diagnosis and treatment has come up with the following names: the damage caused by Chaosheng knife is a complex automatic control, and the general repair is only to speed up the healing of the wound. There is no way to implement the chaotic treatment of skin cells, the upgrading of the rejuvenation system of muscle bottom fluid and the prevention of side effects, As the top research institute in Japan, we found that in 15 years, the fiber cells at the fracture of muscle bottom fluid only have the repair and upgrading of nanotechnology collagen powder. For general types of collagen, there is no way to do all general types of collagen, which is very helpless, but this is an objective fact.

After surgical treatment, the body should also ensure the supply of nutrients, supplement more ingredients with collagen powder, and promote the reconstruction of collagen powder of skin epidermal cells. In addition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins in the human body and improve the resistance of the human body.

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