Take you to know the ultrasonic knife of age reducing artifact

Women’s skin is like a rubber band. The longer it takes, the more it looses. If you pay attention to female stars in the entertainment industry, you must notice their skin, one by one. In fact, their good skin has never left the ultrasonic knife.

Aging skin: fascia ligaments begin to age and lose support, collagen also begins to lose with gravity, and wrinkles and looseness on the face follow.

Young people’s skin: fascia ligaments are strong and tight, which can effectively support facial soft tissue and fat, so as to hold young, tender, pink and beautiful muscles.

If the facial skin is compared to a house, the fascia layer is the foundation supporting the building, and the vertical ligament is like a column. Once the foundation is not stable enough, it will shift and dump, and of course, the building will collapse. So, the question is, how to reverse the face and freeze youth?

Extreme sonic ultrasonic knife, ten years younger when lifted at one time!

The depth is deeper, and the treatment depth is 1.5mm ~ 4.5mm. In addition to acting on the fibrous septum, it can also act on the deeper SMAS layer.

The temperature is excellent, and the treatment temperature can reach 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. It stimulates the compact regeneration of deep collagen and elastic fibers, making it upgrade rapidly and the cells rearrange, so as to form a more perfect skin surface.

It is extremely accurate and uses highly focused ultrasound positioning to accurately treat without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Immediate effect. The lifting and tightening effect will be reflected immediately after treatment.

No recovery period. Normal life can be restored after ultrasonic knife treatment without affecting daily work and rest.

Safe non-invasive ultrasonic scalpel system, no need for surgery, no wound, bid farewell to the worry of wrinkle removal and moving knife.

The effect lasts for several years after the first treatment.

The process is comfortable. During the treatment of ultrasonic scalpel system, the energy only passes through the epidermis without obvious pain. The process does not need to be repeated, easy and safe. Guess age, you will always be the winner.