The back of the ultrasonic knife collapsed in two months?

The way of Chaosheng knife cosmetic surgery firmly believes that many female friends should have mastered it in daily life. It mainly works on the skin according to the way of ultrasound, changes the tissue of the skin, and then cures the condition of skin relaxation. Therefore, it can cure the relaxation of pouch and facial skin. In view of the collapse of the face after two months of super life knife surgery, it is likely to be caused by a relatively serious collision. It is also possible that there is no good medical care for surgical treatment. It is suggested that patients should be treated by doctors immediately.

Chaosheng knife is a kind of high tenacity focused spot ultrasound that works on the skin, and has different cameras. It can work on the outer skin, dermis and subcutaneous tissue that can only be achieved by surgical treatment in the past. It can promote the firming of the skin from deep to shallow, lift and tighten the skin, and achieve a significant practical effect of aging with one-time medical treatment. With the continuous proliferation and reorganization of collagen, Show the overall aging situation.

Common problems after Chaosheng knife:

  1. First of all: follow the doctor’s advice, and the doctor of technical specialty will tell you the taboos after superknife operation. For example, no high-temperature sauna and no exposure. Light diet, no smoking or drinking.

2, basic repair: replenishment mask.

In the first month after Chaosheng knife, the skin will feel very dry and uncomfortable. During this period, the skin will become more sensitive and sensitive. The somatic collagen of the newborn is not stable, and it is not suitable for the application of replenishing facial mask with irritating ingredients.

3, skin repair: the essence of repair with safety ingredients.

Three months after the super birth knife is the neonatal period of the skin and dermis, and the repair of the epidermis can’t be less. The outer skin and dermis are fused to give full play to the actual effect of one-time super birth knife to the highest value. At present, the best ingredients of the user evaluation are the relative ingredients safety of the green bottles, Osmanthus fragrans and so on, and the addition of antioxidant components and anti oxygen free radicals.

  1. Dermis repair: nanotechnology collagen powder.

In the skin newborn link, supplement collagen powder to ensure the healthy nutrition of the dermis, and produce an excellent physiological natural environment for collagen somatic cells caused by energy irritation. At this stage, there is only nanotechnology collagen powder on the market to repair medical and beauty projects, such as the new collagen powder of Japan Medical Beauty line Muscle drink, nano technology collagen powder can be reasonably digested and absorbed by the skin dermis (generally, small molecule water collagen powder cannot be digested and absorbed immediately, and nano technology collagen powder is needed to repair it)

Before making Chaosheng knife, we must ensure that there is sufficient collagen powder in the dermis. Only in that way can Chaosheng knife have the required practical effect and reduce the possible side effects. The key reason for the side effects after ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery is the insufficient nutritional composition of the skin, especially the shrinkage of the collagen powder fiber network and the lack of the total amount of collagen powder, resulting in the absence of exciting collagen protein after the energy of the ultrasonic scalpel equipment is transmitted to the dermis, resulting in side effects. Therefore, before ultrasonic scalpel beauty, we must supplement the collagen powder fiber net of dermis in detail, which is the prerequisite for making Chaosheng scalpel.

According to the content of the article, based on the analysis of the causes of facial collapse after two months of super life knife surgery, we should also understand that the key to this kind of situation is that we do not do a good job in postoperative nursing measures in our daily life. It is suggested that we should do a good job in the medical care of surgical treatment according to the suggestions of doctors, Pay attention to the environmental hygiene of the skin and its diet.

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