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The function of ultrasonic knife?

Chaosheng knife can not only improve the condition of the face and remove wrinkles and chloasma, but also lift and tighten the inner corners of the eyes and remove unnecessary body fat on the face. It is the most commonly used method for beauty and skin care in medical beauty salons. Although Chaosheng knife surgery has great changes to the body, poor actual operation will still cause damage to the skin. In serious cases, it will burn the skin epidermal cells and make the somatic cells on the skin surface lose specificity.

  1. Basic principle of Chaosheng knife efficacy

Chaosheng knife is the only anti-aging instrument and equipment comparable to skin pulling and cosmetic surgery. It uses the strong penetration of ultrasound to directly connect to the SMAS layer, reconstitute and recombine the irritating collagen powder, repair the skin ductility and improve the firmness.

  1. Function of Chaosheng knife

Reconstructing the youth wheel Gallery: lift and tighten the relaxed position, remove unnecessary body fat from the face, smooth the wireframe, and reconstruct the three-dimensional compact V face.

Instantly smooth wrinkles: remove forehead lines, eye fine lines, tear groove lines and puppet lines, eliminate eye wrinkles and avoid neck embrittlement.

Lift and tighten loose tissue: tighten eye bags, loose chin, loose cheeks, relax inner corners of eyes, and improve eyebrow wire frame.

Response to skin ductility: irritating collagen powder reconstituted and newborn, making the skin delicate, glossy and malleable.

  1. Distinctive advantages of Chaosheng knife

The deep penetration effect is good: the kinetic energy reaches the subcutaneous tissue, and the conservative therapy all over the world can only achieve this layer by polar acoustic wave skin pulling. The stimulating deep collagen powder and collagen fiber proliferation can have the actual effect of lifting and tightening, and have the actual effect of efficient tightening and lifting and tightening.

The whole process is comfortable and painless: the precise effect of polar sound wave skin pulling is applied to the subcutaneous tissue and deep collagen powder layer, with little damage. The kinetic energy from inside to outside. The kinetic energy in the outer skin is only brushed gently without pain. The whole process of all young aging is very comfortable.

Precise treatment, farewell and micro plastic surgery: the greater characteristic of polar sound wave skin pulling is to accurately centralize the height width ratio of kinetic energy, which can efficiently stimulate the deep-seated tissue of subcutaneous tissue, and the temperature can reach 60 ~ 70 degrees, which can ensure zero damage to nearby tissues and complete plastic surgery and micro plastic surgery.

No impact on daily life at work: under the only premise to ensure the effect of skin pulling in the world, it has completed no wound and entered a new period of skin pulling. After treatment, it will not affect work, daily life and rest.

Chaosheng knife uses ultrasonic focusing heating to focus the kinetic energy at one point, so that the skin is retracted and collagen is growing. Collagen powder net is generated in the inner layer of the skin and tightened layer by layer. In fact, being a super life knife is only an aid. Specifically, it is the effect of your own recovery ability. The super life knife only destroys the fine package of subcutaneous tissue and starts its own repair, but the lack of nutrition will undoubtedly affect the actual effect. Indeed, the actual effect comes from the whole process of medium and later repair. Why can some people keep the same super life knife for one year and some can keep it for two years? The general principle is very simple, which finally belongs to the management method of the middle and late stage of the skin. Like all of us, we will have the same starting line, but some people do nothing and have great potential. After making Chaosheng knife, everyone will start at the same starting line. The repair of skin in the middle and later stage still depends on long-term diligence.

However, after the age of 28, the metabolism of the newly formed skin slows down, and the nutritional components required by the limited skin tissue will be widely lacking, and the elasticity of the skin itself will be reduced, which also reflects that the conversion of collagen into nutritional components is not enough. Therefore, Chaosheng Dao needs to integrate the nutritional components of Chaodao meidun according to the mutual matching (human peptide), The whole process of internal and external efficacy carries out new skin tissue and renewal.

Everyone has the love of beauty. Everyone wants to have a beautiful face and smooth skin, but not everyone has the characteristic of becoming a beautiful woman. We should carry out facial care in our daily life and eat more ingredients with high composition of collagen powder to supplement the collagen powder of the face.

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