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The harm of photon rejuvenation to skin

Photon rejuvenation is great, but it can be harmful. What does that photon tender skin harm have? Today, experts are here to teach you the dangers of photon rejuvenation. Although the emergence of photon rejuvenation has attracted a lot of people’s attention and favor, its therapeutic effect is very good, but do not forget to consult the harm of photon rejuvenation, understand these harms, in order to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of photon rejuvenation on the skin.

One, what is photon tender skin?

Photon tender skin surgery is, in fact, the use of pulsed light skin for a treatment with a nature of beauty, its function is to eliminate/dodge a variety of skin pigment spots, enhance skin elasticity, eliminate fine wrinkles, improve facial blood capillary dilate, improve facial pore bulky and roughness of the skin, also can improve the skin color of yellow and so on.

Two, does photon tender skin have harm?

Any things are always two sides to everything, the photon tender skin is no exception, although the photon tender skin whitening spot method is can trust, can solve the drawbacks of all kinds of skin problems, but also has caused the risk of skin pigmentary changes, and some complications, but as long as according to the doctor’s orders, the harm of photon tender skin can be effectively prevented.

If photon tender skin said to be absolutely safe, infinite exaggerated curative effect, is certainly deceiving people, is irresponsible, some of the treatment in beauty parlour is not reliable.

Three, what is the harm of photon skin?

The dangers of photon tender skin appear or not depends on whether patients for surgery: the human individual is a very big difference, light allergies, there are local and systemic inflammation, immune system defects, scar constitution, in the near term used light allergic drug, pregnant women, abnormal blood clotting and are using aspirin or antioxidants, are generally not suitable for the colourful delicate skin.

The harm of photon skin rejuvenation has a lot to do with postoperative care: postoperative special skin care is not required, but it is recommended to use skin care products under the guidance of doctors, including stopping the use of all functional cosmetics, prohibiting the use of all kinds of chemical stripping treatment, prohibiting skin grinding and the use of scrub cleanser, etc. After surgery, pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen.