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Ultrasonic knife for keeping the secret of age

Wrinkles are not only the front step of women’s aging, but also the natural enemy of all women. With the growth of age, everyone will inevitably have wrinkles. Many women often complain together, why does the anti wrinkle cream have no anti wrinkle effect? Why do many stars have no wrinkles even though they are no longer young? Not only does it look wrinkle free, but also the skin is plump and plump?

Anti aging and anti wrinkle artifact popular all over the world — ultrasonic knife (extreme sound wave skin pulling)

Hollywood stars Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are frequent visitors to American ultrasonic scalpels.

CCTV CCTV reported that “ultrasonic technology can cosmetology wrinkle”, Guangdong satellite TV reported “the United States: ultrasound wave skin surgery anti aging and anti-aging new choice”, Guangxi satellite TV reported that “doctors launched anti aging anti aging technology, ultrasound can also pull skin?” CCTV and major satellite TV reports pushed the ultrasonic knife to a new peak.

Ultrasonic knife for keeping the secret of age

Ultrasonic scalpel (Ultimate sounding wave) is the secret of holding back the age.

Ultrasonic scalpel, namely ulthera extreme sonic skin pulling, is a compact lifting device that uses focused ultrasound (HIFU knife) to noninvasively restore skin elasticity and improve wrinkles. It transmits ultrasonic heat directly to the lower part of subcutaneous fat layer (SMAs layer), induces fascia tightening and activates deep collagen regeneration.

Ultrasonic knife for keeping the secret of age

These troubles

Ulthera extreme sound wave lapi can help you solve it!

Ultrasonic knife for keeping the secret of age

  1. Improve skin texture

Tighten the loose skin around the eyes, cheeks and drooping chin

  1. Instantly smooth wrinkles

Forehead lines, mouth lines, legal lines, Sichuan lines, eye wrinkles, neck lines, etc. are eliminated once

  1. Reshape the young profile

Comprehensively improve the skin texture and make the skin delicate and glossy

  1. Lift sagging skin

Make the lost facial lines reproduce beauty and elasticity

Ulthera extreme sound wave lapi has more advantages than you think!

Once, you can see the lifting and tightening effect in an instant.