Ultrasonic knife of beauty artifact reversing time

Years are like a ruthless pig killing knife, which will murder all the beauty that should be. The once beautiful face, dry sea and stone, will change with time. In fact, I don’t know if you have seriously thought about it. Women grow old quickly for a reason!

Ultrasonic knife of beauty artifact reversing time

SMAS fascia – core area

With age, the loss of collagen in the subcutaneous fascia layer will cause muscle and fat relaxation and sagging, and skin aging. Therefore, SMAS fascia layer is the core field of skin aging.

Changzhou meibell anti-aging expert reveals the wrinkle removal principle of ultrasonic knife

Cosmetology uses focused ultrasound technology to treat the SMAS fascia layer in a non-invasive way, so that the subcutaneous cells rearrange through the changes of cell membrane.

Improve the problem of loose and sagging skin, smooth facial wrinkles and fill facial depression.

Indications of ultrasonic scalpel:

  1. Loose skin: eye bags / legal lines / corners of the mouth lines / double chin
  2. Eyelid drooping: tighten the skin on the forehead, so as to raise the eyebrows
  3. Wrinkles: wrinkles around the forehead / eyes / lips
  4. Neck lines: neck aging
  5. Improve skin elasticity and firmness

Advantages of Changzhou meibell ultrasonic knife

Safe and reliable

Ultrasonic knife anti-aging is a non-invasive treatment with small trauma and no damage to the epidermis. This operation can accurately grasp the depth of treatment, accurately focus the energy on the deep part of the tissue, and will not scald the skin. The treatment effect is remarkable, safe and reliable!

Good rejuvenation effect

Go deep into the surface of dermis and restore the beautiful state of skin. It is a strong artifact in the beauty industry. It can skillfully integrate six injection beauty products such as hyaluronic acid, baotuoshi wrinkle removing leptin and collagen, so as to achieve the effects of moisturizing, whitening, firming, detoxification and wrinkle removing.

“Lunch break” beauty, that is, do and go

Leaving after finishing does not affect work and life. It is a popular lunch beauty at present. The skin after the operation is naturally traceless, has immediate effect, and can make you achieve high effect in the next 3-6 months.