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What do you know about ultrasonic knife

Years will not be merciful. If you bow your head, it will rise. You can’t compete with it, but we can take many methods to suppress it. Ultrasonic scalpel is our weapon to keep young, so that women can realize their dream of having young, smooth and compact skin, and can resist aging without surgery. Aren’t you curious? How much do you know about ultrasonic knife? What is the principle of ultrasonic knife? How about the effect of ultrasonic knife?

What do you know about ultrasonic knife

Q: what is the principle of ultrasonic knife?

A: the key to the skin tightening treatment of ultrasonic scalpel mainly depends on the depth and temperature. With very excellent ultrasonic energy, it can penetrate deep into the SMAS layer and produce nearly 10000 condensation points, so as to make the collagen shrink immediately and stimulate a large number of regeneration and reorganization of collagen. Reconstructing the collagen net can effectively increase the thickness of the dermis and enhance the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer of the skin. It can deeply tighten the skin, restore the elasticity and beautiful luster of the skin, and effectively achieve the effect of anti-aging and skin beautification.

Q: the effect of ultrasonic knife is so good. Is it permanent to do it once?

A: Although the lifting effect of ultrasonic scalpel can be immediate, and it continues to regenerate, with a long-term maintenance, with an average of about 3-5 years. However, the process of human aging is irreversible. With the increase of age, the loss of collagen and the degree of daily maintenance, the time and effect of maintenance in the later stage are affected. No equipment or product can achieve a permanent therapeutic effect, but ultrasonic scalpel is indeed the most worthy method to choose.

Q: will there be dependence after treatment with ultrasonic scalpel? It needs to be used all the time, otherwise it will rebound?

A: this will not happen. The immediate effect of ultrasonic scalpel just finished is only about 40%, and the wrinkles have not been completely weakened. With the passage of time, collagen continues to regenerate, and the skin will gradually become tender and full. During the treatment period, through appropriate maintenance and good living habits, the effect will be maintained stably, with an average level of 3-5 years or even more. After the treatment period, the skin will gradually return to the natural aging rate. Therefore, multiple treatment must be more lasting and stable than single treatment.

What do you know about ultrasonic knife

Q: will ultrasonic scalpel treatment lead to facial stiffness?

A: ultrasonic scalpel is different from micro plastic surgery projects such as injection. Just like traditional skin pulling surgery, it lifts and tightens the SMAS layer in the original state of the skin. The operator designs a suitable treatment scheme according to the characteristics of each facial contour. The treatment is accurate, does not hurt other surrounding tissues, and will not affect the movement of expression muscles. It is very safe.

Q: can Maggie make an ultrasonic knife? Will the skin burn?

Answer: can do. Thermomaggie shrinks collagen by heating to firm the skin, but it is heated from the outside to the content. There is a risk of burning the skin. Moreover, in the process of energy transmission, part of the heat will be lost and the collagen will not be completely denatured.

The ultrasonic scalpel focuses the energy on the SMAS layer through the HIFU focusing principle, so that the collagen reaches the most ideal denaturation temperature (60 ℃ – 70 ℃), and then radiates heat energy from inside to outside. Therefore, the energy bypasses the epidermis, does not affect the surrounding tissues, and will not produce safety risks.