What does the note after photon tender skin have?

Photon rejuvenation is one of the first choices for many beauty loving women to choose facial rejuvenation. The nursing after photon rejuvenation has a very important position in photon rejuvenation treatment, because if the nursing is not good, the effect of photon rejuvenation will be affected.

What note does photon tender skin have after treatment?

1, after treatment, the skin will appear a little red, a slight burning sensation, after a few hours of cold compress will gradually recede, if you still feel uncomfortable to consult a doctor.

2, some people will have slight scab after treatment, generally will fall off within a week, do not pull out.

  1. It is necessary to strengthen skin moisturizing after treatment.

4, one week after treatment to avoid the use of irritant maintenance products, such as containing fruit acid, A acid, high concentration of vitamin C, salicylic acid, alcohol and other irritant maintenance products.

5, strengthen sunscreen, it is best to use SPF30 ~ 50 above sunscreen products, go out to do physical sunscreen, such as umbrella, etc..