What is the difference between American and Korean versions of ultrasonic knife?

The origin of the American version of ultrasound knife is the UK, and the origin of the Korean version of Chaosheng knife is Japan. The key difference between the two is that the origin is different. No matter which kind of ultrasound knife beauty method uses energy to penetrate the skin and stimulate the subcutaneous tissue and somatic tissue, resulting in the regeneration and growth of subcutaneous tissue and somatic cells. Before carrying out beauty and skin care, we should carry out selection according to the types of our own skin types.

There are six wrong ideas to prevent the difference between the American version of ultrasonic knife and the Korean version of Chaosheng knife. The American version of ultrasonic knife and Korean version of Chaosheng knife belong to laser instruments and equipment. The surgical treatment camera can make the temperature of subcutaneous tissue around 75 ℃. The whole process of high-temperature operation will volatilize a lot of water in the subcutaneous tissue. The laser will cause a lot of outflow of moisturizing and hydrating factors (hyaluronic acid layer), and the body is not easy to produce hyaluronic acid itself. Therefore, there are differences between the American version of ultrasonic knife and the Korean version of Chaosheng knife, and the correlation can not be prevented. Six wrong ideas should be reasonably prevented, so that Chaosheng Dao can give full play to the effect of maximizing profits, then it is really powerful~ Word brother

Three difficulties that must be encountered in June after the operation of American version ultrasonic knife and Korean version Chaosheng knife:

  1. Moisturizing and hydrating factors flowing out during the whole process of operation: how to restore the specific hyaluronic acid layer reconstruction and high-temperature volatilization and subcutaneous tissue moisture?
  2. Can the damaged somatic cells burned during operation be repaired and reconstructed one by one? (damaged somatic cells cannot be repaired within a certain period of time, which may lead to apoptosis, which is one of the reasons for the collapse of the face after superknife surgery)
  3. Can the human body standard ensure that the transformation of new fibroblasts and somatic cells into collagen structure does not produce genetic variation and proliferation? (simply supplementing collagen powder will cause imbalance of fiber cells) it is worth mentioning here that the total output of hyaluronic acid in adult human body is about 15 grams, and more than half of it flows out at the age of 40. At this stage, there is no basis to confirm that the usual ingredients can be transformed into hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing and hydrating factor – the body can not naturally rebuild the moisturizing and hydrating layer, and the fiber cells are just beginning to rupture, Collagen powder is just beginning to flow out. Therefore, the outflow of hyaluronic acid is the beginning of skin aging.

Difference between American ultrasonic knife and Korean Chaosheng knife

Chaosheng knife originated in Europe and the United States. It is a beauty and skin care method that first activates the body to regenerate somatic cells according to the repair factors of the supporting facilities of oral Chaosheng knife, improves the nutritional components of the body during the repair period, and then uses Chaosheng knife to stimulate cell growth.

There is a month’s nutritional reserve period before Super knife surgery in Europe and America. In the early stage, many supporting facilities of oral super life knife contained nutrients, so that the repair factors reached the body cells of subcutaneous tissue and the deepest muscle fascia according to the blood. The two-way repair factors in the repair factors, sirome and chitosan, are the pure natural maintenance natural barriers for the surgical treatment of Chaosheng knife. It is difficult to avoid the destruction of the thermal insulation layer of subcutaneous tissue and the volatilization of water in subcutaneous tissue by the surgical treatment of Chaosheng knife at 75 degrees. Only do a good job in the maintenance of somatic muscle base can be regarded as the beginning of beauty and skin care. We can’t blindly follow the trend to seek beauty and damage somatic cells. When the subcutaneous tissue is transformed into the maintenance muscle base, and then destroy the somatic cells according to the stimulation of superknife frequency radio stimulation, start the function of repairing the cells in the body. Many repair nutrients can not only maintain the skin, but also lend sufficient nutrients to the skin to rebuild the fibrous cells. In addition, they can call on the body repair function, internal and external integration and mutual influence, Double, improve and increase the actual effect of beauty and skin care of Chaosheng knife, and prevent the side effects of Chaosheng knife. Buried wire

Difference between American ultrasonic knife and Korean Chaosheng knife

Although it is called a knife, it is not a real surgical forceps. It uses the basic principle of focusing point of ultrasonic energy. According to the beta ray thermal convection method of dot matrix laser, it avoids the skin and does not cut the skin on the premise of cutting the skin, The superknife camera emits the drainage matrix molecular structure kinetic energy wave with vibration of 6-12 million times per second. The deep subcutaneous tissue carries out the somatic damage of subcutaneous tissue. In the deep layer of subcutaneous tissue up and down 1.6-4.5mm, the kinetic energy is immediately applied to the deep muscle fascia, and the focus point surface is generated in the frequency electrostatic field of subcutaneous tissue, which obviously collides with the dermal tissue, It causes the actual effect of electrostatic field accumulation on the dermal tissue, increases the temperature of subcutaneous tissue to about 60-75 ℃, and defines the reasonable heat damage effect of calorific value in the dermal chemical fiber layer. In addition, many supporting facilities of oral super life knife, nutritional components, two-way repair factors, sirome and chitosan are the pure natural maintenance natural barrier for super life knife surgery, It also causes the body to start repairing and reconstructing somatic cells and repairing muscle fascia. It has a stronger practical effect of lifting and tightening, wrinkle removing and lifting and tightening.

The muscle fascia is like the building reinforcement tissue of the skin. The skin depends on the building reinforcement support point of this layer, and the muscle fascia relaxes and the skin relaxes. If the muscle fascia is not repaired immediately after the Chaosheng knife, it will lose the ability to support the skin again, which may affect the actual effect of the Chaosheng knife and its side effects, In addition, under energy, dermal somatic cells and epidermal cells will suffer from thermal damage. Therefore, the nutritional components of supporting facilities of Chaosheng knife shall be taken orally within 20 days in advance of surgical treatment, and preparations shall be made in advance before operation, so that the body can cause many repair factors, so that the tightened skin can be firmly repositioned on the muscle fascia collagen support frame, Repair factors slowly form orderly collagen proteins, and then the real stimulating somatic newborn and the repair of muscle fascia, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening and smooth skin.

The super life knife is based on the energy focus point, so the pain is not large-scale. It is at the precise point of the effect of the super life knife. There is a small prick pain. The recipients who are well prepared before the operation do not feel significant pain. The whole process time of Chaosheng knife is about 60 minutes, and there is no need for anesthesia. Chaosheng knife has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment in European countries. Therefore, the integrity of Chaosheng knife can be flexibly applied to the standards before and after Chaosheng knife operation according to the nutritional composition of supporting facilities in European countries, so as to make the whole process of Chaosheng knife more comprehensive.

After ultrasonic knife cosmetic surgery, you should have more rest. During this period, you don’t have to bask in the sun to prevent damage to your newborn’s skin tissue. In addition, eating more nutritious ingredients that are easy to digest can promote the regeneration and growth of epidermal cells. Drinking more boiled water is also beneficial to skin care.

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