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Which one is better, Maggie and ultrasound?

Thermogee cosmetic surgery mainly uses radio waves to promote the reconstruction of skin collagen powder through the skin, while ultrasound is mainly a method conducive to the frequency of sound waves to promote the reconstruction and reorganization of collagen powder cells through the skin. The two are connected and different. The two cosmetic surgery methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which method should be selected according to the doctor’s suggestions and their own skin conditions.

  1. Actual effect Chaosheng knife: non-invasive method. The focus of ultrasound creates high energy, which is effective in the muscle aponeurosis layer, resulting in immediate closure, lifting and tightening. The actual effect is comparable to skin pulling. Pay attention to the maintenance. The maintenance time is about 5 years.
  2. Hot lifting: use wireless network radio wave frequency to warm the skin and promote the proliferation of collagen powder to achieve the actual effect of lifting and tightening. Pay attention to maintenance. The maintenance time is about 3-5 years.

The two are suitable groups

Chaosheng knife: for groups with wrinkle removal, skin aging, relaxation, relaxation and skin relaxation and collapse. Hot lift: the key is to relax and sag the skin tissue of the whole face, with too many wrinkles, brittle and unsmooth skin types, reconstruct the face curve, and reasonably improve the relaxation and relaxation of the eye area and neck tissue.

Is there a big difference between Chaosheng Dao and gerati? Say it without black or blowing!

Professional skills of Chaosheng Dao. What is Chaosheng Dao

At the beginning, Chaosheng knife was a medical device. At this stage, Chinese medical institutions have not yet approved a definition of ultrasonic knife beauty. CFDA is the State Food and drug administration, and CFDA will not approve it with the definition of machine equipment. Chaosheng knife actually publicized a definition, and there is no real clinical data to confirm ultrasonic machine equipment. The super life knife for diagnosis and treatment has strong penetrability. For example, it can send sound waves from different perspectives outside the body. In addition, it sends sound wave frequencies through the skin, through human fat and through muscle to focus at a specific point. This pair of focuses will cause controllable heating. For example, the laser device can carry out laser cutting and separation Blood activating electric welding is a minimally invasive operation that can be performed without surgery.

Chaosheng knife is very similar to the technology of precise target positioning and focus. It is hand carved in the middle of a glass marble. Laser marking comes from three or several different ultra fast development. Focus is carried out at a point in the middle of laminated glass. At this moment, when there are three ultra fast other focus points, An engineering blasting caused by this point is called inner carving. Ultrasonic scalpel beauty originated in European and American countries. A British company initially found that if the length of ultrasonic wave band can be changed and controlled, it can be effective in subcutaneous tissue, such as subcutaneous tissue, dermis and surface, and try to stimulate somatic cells in subcutaneous tissue to arouse cell regeneration. The older the patients aged over – 55 years, the more severe the imbalance of skin composition was. As a result, the younger the patients aged over – 55 years, the skin deficiency was detected. After several clinical trials, the expert group found that acmetea somatic cell-derived nutrients not only contain the key trace element fish collagen that aggregates horizontally to repair collagen fibers and the key element collagen tripeptide chain that vertically repairs fiber cells, but also include the moisturizing and hydrating layer damaged in the course of high-temperature surgery and the two-way repair factor of the molecular structure of natural mineral water in subcutaneous tissue. The test confirmed that two to three weeks before the body accepted the super life knife surgery, the body first supplemented acmetea (micro beauty shield) according to the internal of the human body, and the experts confirmed that when the supply and demand of nutrients from the somatic cell source (micro beauty shield) were continuously balanced according to the continuous care and inspection of damaged somatic cells, the nutrients disintegrated from the human body were continuously repaired, and there was no significant downward trend of repair. The human body reserves new cell growth nutrients and repair nutrients. In addition, according to the different deep epidermal tissue of the stimulating subcutaneous tissue of the super life knife, the new subcutaneous tissue can achieve the goal of horizontal collagen fiber and vertical fiber cell reconstruction. This discovery makes the beauty technology of British ultrasonic scalpel verified by British CFDA, and obtains a rapid development trend in the industry. The difference between their efficacy and basic principle: Chaosheng knife is not a knife, but a high toughness ultrasonic physiotherapy instrument – using the energy effect of ultrasound to induce the reconstruction of deep-seated collagen powder. Gerati: gerati has been upgrading since its launch. At this stage, it has long been super evolved to the third generation. It uses frequency emission kinetic energy to stimulate skin fiber cells! Many people used to describe it artistically: it is equivalent to heating a piece of meat in a microwave oven, and the skin chemical fibers are first folded and then rebuilt, resulting in the actual effect of improving firmness.

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