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Will the neck ache when the ultrasonic knife goes to the neck lines

The great feature of human aging is the emergence of wrinkles, and people only pay attention to the maintenance of the face, but ignore the skin of the neck. The neck stria is more able to reveal age. The ultrasonic knife is a common wrinkle removal and beauty artifact. Will it hurt to remove neck wrinkles with the ultrasonic knife?

Will the neck ache when the ultrasonic knife goes to the neck lines

Pain degree of neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife:

To remove neck wrinkles, we need to start from the root. Ultrasonic scalpel neck wrinkle removal can treat the fascia layer that can only be reached by surgical skin pulling, and effectively remove neck wrinkles. The neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic scalpel is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. There is no need to peel off the skin and there is no incision. Therefore, the treatment process of ultrasonic scalpel is very mild and will not feel obvious pain under normal circumstances.

The specific steps of neck wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife are as follows:

  1. Before using ultrasonic scalpel to remove wrinkles and beautify the neck, clean the skin and clean the treatment area;
  2. The doctor will accurately locate your wrinkles according to the distribution and depth of your wrinkles and your skin type;
  3. Start the neck wrinkle removal treatment with ultrasonic scalpel. There will be a slight feeling of heat during the treatment, but there will be no pain. The whole treatment process takes about 40 minutes, and you can go after it. There is no need for recovery period, and it does not affect your work and life.