You can’t imagine the beauty effect

In the face of the aging traces left by years, every woman is very helpless. However, today, when plastic surgery is so prosperous, we no longer do nothing. There are new methods for wrinkle removal. Ultrasonic knife is a wrinkle removal method adopted by many beauty seekers. So what is an ultrasonic knife? What is the effect?

What is an ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasonic scalpel is an instrument, which uses focused ultrasonic system to focus ultrasonic energy on the deep layer of skin, greatly improve the treatment depth and avoid scalding the epidermis. Because of its safety, noninvasive and remarkable effect, it has been highly praised by beauty lovers all over the world since its inception. It has become a powerful anti-aging exclusive technology experienced by many stars.

Cosmetic effect of ultrasonic knife

  1. The unique patented scanning system of American epipolar sound wave system plans the excellent line track, sketches and images in the whole process, and monitors the subcutaneous situation in real time in the whole process. The visual operation is more accurate, effective and safe.
  2. Focus the ultrasonic energy on the target point, use the ultrasonic energy to penetrate the cortex to 3 ~ 4.5mm, and transfer it to the SMAS layer of muscle fascia tissue to produce the effect of fascia tension and promotion.
  3. From deep to shallow, it can accurately improve the subcutaneous structure supporting the skin, shrink the aged bone collagen, stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, build a brand-new collagen fiber network, and restore the elasticity from the bottom of the skin.
  4. It acts on the skin dermis, activates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, and effectively achieves the remarkable effect of tightening, lifting and smoothing lines.
  5. Ultrasonic energy starts the body’s natural reaction mechanism, so as to restore and regenerate more collagen, and fundamentally have elastic, delicate and firm skin.

Six surprises brought by ultrasonic knife:

  1. Eliminate forehead wrinkles
  2. Eliminate neck wrinkles and prevent neck aging
  3. Improve chin lines, reduce puppet lines, and make facial expressions natural and flexible
  4. Tighten the skin tissue on the forehead and improve the eyebrow line
  5. Improve skin quality and make skin delicate and shiny
  6. With hyaluronic acid, collagen and other injection beauty, it can improve more aging problems.